Welcome to Veggie Gate. A food, garden and life blog.

Why name our site Veggiegate?

We are not vegans but we do grow our own vegetables to eat year round.

Why? Because they taste better than store bought, we know what we are eating and what is in the soil. We are far from being health nuts. But have you seen all the recalls on produce in the past few years? Ever since human sewage sludge for crop fertilizer was allowed, we decided it was time to grow our own. Sorry, no amount of data on its safety makes it any more appealing to us.

We eat meat. Our ancestors ate meat to survive the winter months. If not for that, none of us would be here right now. We do not approve of way some large scale operations handle their animals, that is their Karma to deal with.

Veggiegate was also used for what we try to do in our off time (veg out), though there seems to be less of it than when we first started this blog. We considered changing the name, but why bother? Veggiegate it will stay.

We also try to use natural remedies whenever possible for minor health issues because we have found it works for us. Many synthetic drugs on the market are derived from a natural source in the first place. Besides, have you seen all the side effects of those drugs, in our opinion it is like playing Russian Roulette.

To each his own, we are all free to choose our own lifestyle. We are fine with ours. We will not be preaching what you should be doing with yours. Life is not a competition, we want everyone to make it!  🙂

About us:

Rebel Guy is the vegetable gardener in the family. Also a great cook, amateur woodworker and photographer. He loves playing his guitars and playing around with animation.

Rebel Girl’s Mother is the flower gardener in the family. Quite crafty too!

Rebel Girl loves making the garden beds, setting the stones, cooking and crafts among other things. An amateur photographer with no clue how the settings on her camera works.

Our names are inspired by our love of photography and our Canon Rebel cameras.

You can view our photography blog “Photogate” here.

Note: This is a meme and award free site.