As we have reached middle age, one thing we noticed was that manufactured food does not always agree with our tummy. Things we ate with wanton glee in our youth, now has us regretting our lack of will power when we choose to ignore it. That is the case with processed lunch meat.

It was time to make our own. We use a Waring Pro Food Slicer. It works fine for us, the only thing I would want changed is the plastic guard. It is light-weight and the tiny “grabbers” don’t poke the meat enough to prevent it from spinning once you near the end cut.


Rebel Guy BBQ’d this Eye of Round Beef (He loves his rare, me, not so much):


I sliced it up:


We double wrap some for immediate use and then freeze some for later use. One of our favourite things to do with sliced beef is this:

Slice a loaf of bakery bread in half (length-wise):


Fry up some onion and jalapeno peppers:


Put the beef and fried veggies on the bread:


Top with cheese:


Put it in the oven until the bread browns on the edges and cheese is melted:


Dinner is served!



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