medicine gardenMedicine Garden2

I am going to start a new type of post here, one that will make me question myself before making changes and take time before making decisions. I am hard on myself, my own worst enemy, I guess you could say.

I have been reading all these wonderful posts by rezinate lately, and now he has me missing the medicine garden I planted last year. Using natural remedies is nothing new to me. My grandmother and mother grew up using them, and we just thought it was the “normal” thing to do. As I got older, I started noticing how people reacted to the way we lived, imagine a child talking about karma, telling people what to do when they got a sting when we were outside playing in the 70’s.

In my teens, my friends became interested, getting my grandmother to read their tea leaves, read their cards, or have their astrology chart done. I don’t know why my grandparents learned these things. Maybe out of necessity. My grandfather came from England in his teens. My grandmother never knew her mother was a British Home Child, brought over at the age of 10, sold to Canada for a silver dollar, to basically be a maid and nanny for people who needed a helper. She had a hard life.

Not having money to purchase things from a store might have been one of the reasons they became so self-sufficient. Funny thing is, it should have been my fathers side of the family that knew all these things, but it is from the British side, my mothers family, that I learned herbal and natural remedies.

This was not going to be a normal medicine garden, with herbs that were commonly grown, like oregano, mints, and such. These were things I was not familiar with, like vervain, rue, wild sage, tobacco, roseroot, horehound, meadow clary…on and on.

I made a chart of what was what, and where I planted them. Oh, was I pleased with myself! Then I set about reading up on how to use them. That is when I noticed that some of them might have side effects, and I got scared. Because that is my nature. They grew tall, ready to be used, yet I never had the nerve to try any of them. Not one!

When I think about the commercials that we have on television, the possible side effects on pills that our traditional doctors give us everyday, (not me, I don’t take any) I wonder why I would be alarmed by using natural over pharmaceutical drugs. Some of those side effects can be worse than what you are trying to “cover up”. I say cover up, because it is rare anything available, is a cure, it is a cover up for whatever ails you. I won’t even bother to list the reasons why I think cures are not what is wanted by many.

This wonderful medicine garden is now home to all our tomatoes. Why? Why was I so afraid? I could have just used common sense. Tested my reaction with a small dose or sought advice from someone with that knowledge…but no, I handed it over to my husband, telling him it was pointless to have them growing there when I won’t use them.

Maybe next year I will put a few things in containers, start small, and get proper advice on how to use them.


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