Hosta plants are wonderful things if you plant them in the right spot. Years ago, I had them at the front of the house. They were perfect, required little care but when I saw how big other peoples hostas were, it made me wonder if they were in the ideal spot. I will admit that little care went into the soil.

I am not fond of front gardens if you don’t really have an eye for design. A front garden is hard to pull off, it has to be perfect, or don’t bother. I decided to take a chance and move them in a shadier area. The one side of my house was a mess that I have always wanted to deal with.

The problem was, the house needed painting and I could never get in there to do it. I do like the natural look of what was there, but having it right next to the house was presenting a problem. Chores like cutting down things, clearing areas, and playing around with rocks or stones is something I enjoy doing.

Once it was cleared out, I set down some landscaping material to prevent weeds from growing. Manitoba Maples love my property! It is a battle I fight each year.

The stones were free. Don’t you just love free? Pull up to any Subdivision being built and ask if you can go through their garbage piles, they will be happy to oblige if you have work boots and a hardhat. They have to pay for it to be taken away. Just remember to ask first.

Filled it up with soil, which is another thing you can get for free wherever someone is building, you may add compost to make it better for your plants. We make our own.

I dug all the Hostas from the front and left the planting and design to my mom.

It started out like this:

hosta garden5hosta garden6

hosta garden7

Then it looked like this:

I added some black mulch in behind on the path, painted the house and today it looks like this:


I wish I had a picture of when they were in flower but this year has been a write-off for various reasons. We spent five months visiting a hospital everyday, months trying to recover from whatever it was we picked up there, working and bad weather, all lead to less than a stellar year for our gardens. Time was just not on our side, housework, caring for the gardens…everything has shown the signs of neglect. That’s life. On a bright note, we ate our first beef steak tomato for lunch. Simple pleasures! It felt like Christmas!


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