When my sister told me about this a few years ago, I had to try it. We have an abundance of zucchini to use up right now. So this was something that I could do instead of stuffing or grilling it. Something new! A few tips: It can get messy and be sure to read up on what type to buy. You really want one with good suction cups! Trust me, you don’t want that thing sliding around your table.

That said, I bought a cheap PC one, less than $20. These pictures are from 2015, but why take new ones of the same thing?


Grab your zucchini and spiral machine:

Cut the ends off so they are even, the large ones may need cutting in half, spin away:

A bowl of zucchini, to the fry pan with butter and garlic, used instead of rice or pasta:

Great for freezing…because who doesn’t love zucchini bread? My sister makes a pizza shell with hers, she said it is delicious. I have to get her recipe!

spiral freezing


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