Finished Bundling The Garlic

We gave some of our garlic away to family and friends. I bundled the last of it for hanging. One less thing to scratch off the to-do list. Now where do I hang it all?


We were not very happy with our garden this year. The rain then extreme sun really did a number on it. Thank goodness the garlic was not bothered by any of it.

On a bright note we get to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs vs the Ottawa Senators exhibition game tonight. <——- Happiness is.  🙂


It’s Salsa Time!

Fresh from the garden:


Two pots simmering:


This time I didn’t have to use this clunky pot. I do love it, but there is hardly room on the stove for it:


I used The Power Pressure Cooker XL for the first time. I was terrified. All I thought about was the horror stories about the old style ones. Lids blowing off, getting burned…the list is long. Poor Rebel Guy had to keep me calm and took charge of the operation. I feel much more comfortable using it. I will be canning much more from now on!


We have used one jar already. It turned out great.


Last year I didn’t make it chunky enough. This year it wasn’t as hot as we like. We can always add some heat after opening.

Slicing Our Own Meat.

As we have reached middle age, one thing we noticed was that manufactured food does not always agree with our tummy. Things we ate with wanton glee in our youth, now has us regretting our lack of will power when we choose to ignore it. That is the case with processed lunch meat.

It was time to make our own. We use a Waring Pro Food Slicer. It works fine for us, the only thing I would want changed is the plastic guard. It is light-weight and the tiny “grabbers” don’t poke the meat enough to prevent it from spinning once you near the end cut.


Rebel Guy BBQ’d this Eye of Round Beef (He loves his rare, me, not so much):


I sliced it up:


We double wrap some for immediate use and then freeze some for later use. One of our favourite things to do with sliced beef is this:

Slice a loaf of bakery bread in half (length-wise):


Fry up some onion and jalapeno peppers:


Put the beef and fried veggies on the bread:


Top with cheese:


Put it in the oven until the bread browns on the edges and cheese is melted:


Dinner is served!


Vegetable Sampling From the Garden

veggie sample

Basil, tiny tim tomatoes, green beans, jalapeno peppers and kohlrabi. This is our first time growing kohlrabi, my cousin JJ had some in his dads garden and had us try it. I am so glad he did. It tastes (to me) like a cross between cabbage with a hint of something similar to radish. So far, we have only eaten it fresh, but Rebel Guy found a recipe to bake it, we will do that with the next one and let you know how it turned out.

Curly Wurly Corkscrew Rush

curlywgrasscurly grass

I love this curly grass. It likes to have lots of water but will do well almost anywhere. Sun, shade, container, or ground. Not much different than the Hosta plant. It will grow most anywhere, but will thrive best in areas it like. When it comes to Corkscrew Rush, that would be near water or damp environment. This is an annual plant, you could bring it indoors over winter.

Why? Rock Garden

Here is another example of doing something rashly and really should have not been so hard on myself! This rock garden was something I did a few years ago. It took me almost a week, I lugged every rock from the pile out back, set it in place, planted it myself for once instead of asking my mom to design it. Once finished, I stood back and told myself I could do better.

My husband loved it, but after two days of having it finished, it kept bothering me. It was okay, but couldn’t it be better? I look at these pictures now and think, why? Why did I take it down? I would love to have it there right now.

Another project I will have to do again!

rock garden2rock garden1Rock Gardenrock garden